As we embark on a new year, we have a unique opportunity to see what is best serving us in our habits and routines to adjust where necessary.

At Building Security Services, we always strive to help companies keep security in mind when thinking about resolutions.

Starting off the new year, taking a look into your security habits on both the physical and digital side will serve you well in the coming year. Now would be an excellent time to look at different security areas and modify them if needed.

Your Office Setting

Taking the time to assess any threats at your office building is a must. Do you have any protocols in place if there were to be an emergency?

Now is an excellent time to get top of mind the action plans or responses expected in certain security situations that may arise.

Essential practices to take not are the different responses for different situations, whether it be a fire alarm or bomb threat.

Is there a specific location to meet for an emergency evacuation? Drills should be conducted at least annually so that everyone, especially newer hires, know what to do if an emergency were to occur.

Change Up Your Routine

When coming into and leaving the office, take note of your specific routine. Situational awareness is essential.

Avoid rear entrances if you can avoid it by using a main, well-lit entrance instead. Also, at night time, especially with darkness appearing earlier this time of year, consider walking out with someone else to your car in the parking lot.

Even if your building has a security patrol service, by changing up your routine every once in a while, you avoid having predictable patterns, routes, and times.

Try parking in the areas that have the best lighting in parking lots or parking decks. Checking to see if your doors are unlocked before getting into your car should be the first step.

Don’t unlock your car from far away, either. Waiting until you’re right by your car before unlocking it and re-locking as soon as you’re inside is the safest way to do it.

Leaving Your Office

Whenever you’re leaving the office, get into the habit of locking up your important belongings like laptops or anything else important to you. At the end of the day is a perfect time to do this since you’ll be gone overnight.

Consider intellectual property as well. Any sensitive information should be stored away from anyone that might stumble upon them after hours.

Visitor Policies

Now is a great time to take a look at your policies around visitors. One easy way to make sure your building is safer is to distinguish employees from vendors and other visitors.

Piggybacking should not be allowed at your building. Each person should need to show proper identification if they’re an employee or a vendor.

Knowing your company’s badge system and how your visitor policies work will minimize threats for easy opportunities for theft, vandalism, or worse.

Building Security Services Wishes You A Safe & Healthy New Year

By taking a proactive approach to your security this year, it will help improve your buildings’ safety.

We can help you secure your buildings and help you look for any vulnerabilities that may be present. Reach out to us here to learn more.