Today, 8.4 billion devices are connected to the Internet of Things. Among those are 3.1 million being used in the business industry – a field dominated by smart meters and security surveillance.

By 2020, there will be an estimated 12.86 billion devices – many of which will include lighting, air conditioning, heating, and security systems.

Not to mention, 325 million wearable devices sold in 2016 and will only double within the next decade. So, what does this mean for the future of event management? Here’s how modern security helps mitigate risks at events.

Technology’s impact on event management

There are two major areas where the Internet of Things can influence event management.

For example, a catering business will benefit from sensors to track food safety, preparation, and monitor the delivery in real-time.

Catering an event can be made easy as the staff will automatically be notified when fridges, coffee machines, and stands are low on stock as well as updates on replenishments on the way.

Meanwhile, data loggers can track the journey from production to consumption – preventing the risk of threats or attempts to harm attendees.

The IoT may also link the supply chain with real-time stats on attendees at related events, record preferences to estimate the amount of food, and cross-reference with other factors like weather, holidays, and season.

Security via social media monitoring

In the event industry, people have always been social by nature – whether establishing connections at live events, meeting the client’s objectives, or partnering with vendors.

However, the channels through these interactions are changing in modernized ways. Social media is the perfect medium for individuals as most attendees use sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to follow and discuss shared reviews before, during, and after the event.

However, most management teams fail to check comments on social media for any potential threats or plans by attendees.

As such, it’s definitely beneficial to install a social media strategy for your security to get a flow of hidden agendas and what may occur.

With the help of a strong security team, managing your event will become better equipped with how to use the latest in physical security and technology.

The Internet of Things has huge potential for event managers, as it demands an open mind and commitment to meet each aspect of plans, goals, and infrastructure of your event.

With that, a clear vision of how the event should work through physical security and modern tech can help make the show run effectively.

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