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Why is Warehouse Security So Important?

Criminals understand the value of a warehouse, or more accurately, its contents.

If thieves are looking for a source of high-value items to resell, an unsecured warehouse is an open invitation. If you don’t have professionals providing warehouse security, you’re putting your inventory and staff at risk.

If you want to protect your business, hiring professional security services is an important step to take. These professionals will guard your warehouse with regular patrols and respond to emergencies at all hours.

Warehouse Security Guards Offer Employee Protection

While keeping your inventory safe is important, goods are ultimately replaceable; ensuring your employees’ safety is of utmost importance. If there’s a burglary at your property, having professional security will both keep any staff safe as well as lower your liability. Security services are an investment that pays off.

Having security on site will also help give your employees the peace of mind they need to be able to effectively perform their job duties. If they have to take extra steps to ensure their safety, they will not be able to work comfortably.

Help your employees perform at their best by ensuring they aren’t vulnerable while working in your warehouse. Uniformed security guards will both protect your staff in the event of an attempted robbery and help them feel secure every day.

Security Prevents Employee Theft

While theft from outside your company is certainly a concern, it’s also wise to be aware that employees can also be a risk. If you don’t have sufficient monitoring in place, employees with ill intentions may have the opportunity to steal either inventory or other supplies or equipment.

If you have a larger operation, you’ll know that it’s impossible to watch all your employees during all the shifts in your warehouse facility. You can protect your bottom line by keeping employee theft down, and the best way to do that is by hiring professional security. Guards can take action immediately if they witness any theft or other misconduct.

Security guards can also monitor camera feeds and other surveillance and security equipment from throughout the building. This is an efficient way to monitor a large area without hiring a large team of people or making your staff feel like they always have someone looking over their shoulders.

With professional security on the premises, you’ll know that you have solid preventative measures in place that will reduce any losses due to internal theft. That peace of mind will free you up to focus on the other aspects of running and building your business.

Warehouse Security Guards as Company Ambassadors

Another benefit of having security at your warehouse is that they are often the first people a visitor or new staff member will encounter on the premises, at their point of entry.

They give an immediate impression of safety and security to anyone visiting, and that impression will also affect how visitors interact with you, the company owner. Security guards can give directions and even escort visitors when necessary, ensuring that your guests or new staff get to their appropriate destination without issue.

Because of this aspect of a security team, it’s important that the professionals you hire are not only competent to protect you, your employees, and your inventory and premises—they also must be able to interact in a friendly and confident manner with the public.

As many people’s first impressions of your business, they need to reflect well on you, which means presenting in a professional manner while doing their jobs.

Not only will this give your visitors and staff a good impression of your operations, it will also deter would-be burglars, who will see guards who know their way around the premises better than most, and that there’s no way to avoid encountering them at some point if they try to break into your warehouse.

Emergency Response

Another critical reason to employ a professional security team at your warehouse is that they are trained to handle emergencies. Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with one, but there are no guarantees, and so you need to be prepared in case disaster strikes.

Having a security team doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ensure your staff is trained in responding appropriately to various emergencies. However, you can’t prepare for all the possibilities.

Having trained security guards who can deal with more intense situations such as hostile individuals threatening to harm others, will help keep everyone safer.

They can also be very helpful in the case that an evacuation is necessary, such as in the case of a fire, gas leak, or water issue. Many security professionals also have first-aid and CPR training, which enables them to help out in a medical emergency.

Finally, security guards can help you avoid an emergency in the first place by monitoring the condition of the building and checking IDs for everyone coming in and out.

You likely have a significant amount of traffic, including staff, delivery people, vendor representatives, and other visitors. Ensuring that anyone without permission to enter is turned away by security will reduce the danger that unauthorized visitors pose, whether intentional or accidental.

Overall, there are many reasons to employ a professional security team at your warehouse. Keeping your employees safe, your inventory protected, and proactively preparing for any emergency will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business is well-secured.

You’ll also present a professional and serious face to anyone who approaches your premises. It’s one of the best investments you can make in your business.

How To Make Your 2021 Safer And More Secure

As we embark on a new year, we have a unique opportunity to see what is best serving us in our habits and routines to adjust where necessary.

At Building Security Services, we always strive to help companies keep security in mind when thinking about resolutions.

Starting off the new year, taking a look into your security habits on both the physical and digital side will serve you well in the coming year. Now would be an excellent time to look at different security areas and modify them if needed.

Your Office Setting

Taking the time to assess any threats at your office building is a must. Do you have any protocols in place if there were to be an emergency?

Now is an excellent time to get top of mind the action plans or responses expected in certain security situations that may arise.

Essential practices to take not are the different responses for different situations, whether it be a fire alarm or bomb threat.

Is there a specific location to meet for an emergency evacuation? Drills should be conducted at least annually so that everyone, especially newer hires, know what to do if an emergency were to occur.

Change Up Your Routine

When coming into and leaving the office, take note of your specific routine. Situational awareness is essential.

Avoid rear entrances if you can avoid it by using a main, well-lit entrance instead. Also, at night time, especially with darkness appearing earlier this time of year, consider walking out with someone else to your car in the parking lot.

Even if your building has a security patrol service, by changing up your routine every once in a while, you avoid having predictable patterns, routes, and times.

Try parking in the areas that have the best lighting in parking lots or parking decks. Checking to see if your doors are unlocked before getting into your car should be the first step.

Don’t unlock your car from far away, either. Waiting until you’re right by your car before unlocking it and re-locking as soon as you’re inside is the safest way to do it.

Leaving Your Office

Whenever you’re leaving the office, get into the habit of locking up your important belongings like laptops or anything else important to you. At the end of the day is a perfect time to do this since you’ll be gone overnight.

Consider intellectual property as well. Any sensitive information should be stored away from anyone that might stumble upon them after hours.

Visitor Policies

Now is a great time to take a look at your policies around visitors. One easy way to make sure your building is safer is to distinguish employees from vendors and other visitors.

Piggybacking should not be allowed at your building. Each person should need to show proper identification if they’re an employee or a vendor.

Knowing your company’s badge system and how your visitor policies work will minimize threats for easy opportunities for theft, vandalism, or worse.

Building Security Services Wishes You A Safe & Healthy New Year

By taking a proactive approach to your security this year, it will help improve your buildings’ safety.

We can help you secure your buildings and help you look for any vulnerabilities that may be present. Reach out to us here to learn more.