Building Security Services has security expertise in many different industries being in business for 40 years and having worked in almost every vertical.

Here’s some of the industries we have experience specializing in:

  • Airports. Airlines have many unique needs to make sure their travelers, employees and assets are properly secure.
  • Chemical plants. The petrochemical and chemical industries are so complex while also having susceptibilities to their infrastructure, we know that advanced security needs to be met here.
  • Education including Kindergarden-12th grade and college universities. Most schools make the decision to hire security personnel so that their facility has the protection for their faculty, staff and kids.
  • Commercial property. Individualized security service solutions are provided to our clients’ commercial properties. We also have our client’s needs first making sure their tenants are protected as well as keeping staff safe from harm.
  • Construction sites. Our security guards are trained to help reduce area violations, equipment theft, spotting illegal or unauthorized activity while reducing community risks.
  • Dispensaries. Because of the legality with marijuana, dispensaries have many things to consider when it comes to proper security from money handling, to full security protection.
  • Defense contractors. Due to being around classified information or highly restricted areas, our security officers are highly trained and hand picked for these services. We also make sure our guards have the necessary requirements and clearance.
  • Events and concerts. BSS’s security officers support safe environments by knowing each location in depth, identifying any challenges or security flaws, and very detailed planning for threats.
  • Financial institutions. We taylor our security services specifically to your institution because no two are the same. Whether you’re a retail bank branch, a corporate office, data center, trading floor or other financial service, we can provide you the security you need.
  • Government agencies. Whether it’s protecting government-regulated facilities like local libraries and larger federal institutions, BSS’s security officers have the experience needed to secure your facility.
  • Healthcare & Hospitality. Using an expansive risk management approach, we help your healthcare facility to reduce risks, ensure safety requirements and compliance while also controlling physical and personal assets.
  • Hotel industry. If your hotel needs overnight security or front desk assistance, as an integrated member of your team, our guards are up to the job.
  • Malls / Shopping centers and retail centers. We offer mall security to address the following like burglaries, theft from pallets or shopping carts as well as protect from potentially violent situations and emerging threats.
  • Manufacturing plants. Building Security Services will come up with a cohesive security program focusing on protecting your assets, keeping your employees safe all while using technology that will streamline your security operations.
  • Pharmaceutical facilities. Trained to counter cargo theft, counterfeiting, diversion and more which can arise at your facility while also complying with global industry standards from the FDA, DEA, WHO and more.
  • Maritime & ports. We offer maritime security solutions for cargo loading facilities, cruise ship ports, ferry docs, chemical facilities, and industrial ports. BSS complies with the Maritime Transportation Security Act and Security and Accountability of Every Port Act regulation.
  • Residential properties. From single-family homes to high-rises and private estates/gated communities, Building Security Services can develop a custom guard solution for different kinds of residences.
  • Stadiums & concerts. We cater to gatherings with large crowds and can create a customizable security solution to keep your venue safe and secure.
  • Warehouses. Building Security Services can develop an efficient security plan focusing on your volume of traffic activity both indoor and outdoor, products & machinery and even layout considerations.

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