Building Security Services, a security company in NYC, is one of the most respected private security services throughout New York and its surrounding neighborhoods.

We’re a security company that’s known for our fast response, reliability, and trained staff that can accommodate security guards or systems in almost any industry.

We can provide security guard services for the following:

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Reliable protection services from a private security service company in New York can be hard to find.

Security companies are a dime a dozen, but when disaster strikes, you want a security guard company that can address your security needs while providing excellent training to security guards, having exceptional 24/7 customer service, and a top-notch security experience for your business requirements. Your qualification requirements are our primary concern, and our NY guards are sure to impress.

Having almost 40 years of hands-on experience, we have the technology and highly trained security personnel to handle any of your business’s needs. A lot of time and care goes into our hiring process to give you the best protection services and guards for your place of business.

Background checks are done with all security guards and agents as a standard business practice and may not happen with other security guard companies & guard services, so you need to make sure and ask.

We can provide fast and reliable security guard services in the following neighborhoods:

While every business in Manhattan is different, we can provide New York business owners security guard solutions or consultations to address any safety concerns at their facility. We can provide suit and tie security guards that will look professional and are within budget, whether it’s for New York event security or any other client.

Our highly-skilled, respectful, and well-instructed staff of managers and security guards will be able to accommodate your day-to-day security needs with competency, alertness, and attention to detail through their training.

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We can also provide your New York company with:

Our clients can attest that we will go above what’s expected of us in every situation to ensure that your company, event, or facility in the NYC area is protected and all your security needs are addressed.

Just ask us for references about our security service! We will be glad to provide them to you because we have glowing reviews compared to other security companies. We’re one of the highest reviewed in the security industry, and our guard services are the among the best in New York, NY.

Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and how we can help solve your security concerns. We’ll get you a 24/7 security guard at your place of business. We can guarantee that.

Not only should you receive the highest quality security guard services throughout the city of New York, but it should also be in your budget as well.

We’re happy to accommodate our Manhattan clients no matter the budget if they’re looking for a temporary or a longer-term security guard service with the most competitive rates in New York City.

Building Security Services can provide you with proper consultations as well to address any security concerns you may have before hiring a security guard service.

Whether it’s New York security protection for an event or day/overnight corporate security coverage, we will accommodate your business and staff with an exceptional quality of service from our managers to our security guards.

We’re able to accommodate our New York clients 24/7 and give a dedicated around-the-clock service. In the city that never sleeps in the United States, New York, we don’t either! You can rest assured that if you need us, we’ll be there.

The safety and security of your New York City building is our utmost priority, always. Our New York security procedures and security guards make us a top-notch New York security company, and our customers know that.

If you’re in need of a New York City security guard company, give us a call today or put your email address and information on the contact us page here any time 24/7 so we can assess your needs accordingly.

Experience the BSS difference and see why we’re known for our results. Please note, we do not provide businesses with bodyguards or bodyguard services. We also do not offer home services to individuals.