It is rather unfortunate that New Jersey doesn’t get the respect it deserves when it comes to food.  Contrary to popular opinion, New Jersey is a state that is filled with fantastic food delights and restaurants including outstanding gourmet donut locations.

New Jersey shops are more than capable of churning out amazing, tasty donuts! Not only are the donuts are a feast for the stomach, they are a treat for the eyes as well.

Without straying away from the topic any further, here are some of the best NJ locations to get your gourmet donuts. Please do forgive us if we miss your sweet spot; it isn´t practical to cover all the locations.

Uncle Dood’s

Uncle Dood´s has loyal legions of fans all over New Jersey for a reason. Located on the banks of Toms River, this donut shop produces fancy, fun, and delectable donuts! It helps that the shop changes up its menu on a frequent basis. However, if you don´t want to go wrong with your order, we would suggest you to try their classics, Beach Sand, Vermont Swine, and Bed Rockin’.

Fruity Pebbles as a topping is a delicious Dood´s trademark. If you are a big fan of freshly made cake donuts hand dipped in a wide variety of icings and toppings, the donuts from this place is your sweet Nirvana. We believe that there aren´t enough superlatives to describe the fantastic Uncle Dood’s donuts!

L&M Bakery

Located in Burlington Country and operated by a family, L&M Bakery is a household bakery in south Jersey. The bakeshop has been offering outstanding donut services for over 5 decades! While there, we would recommend you to try their peanut butter cup and fresh strawberry frosted donut. The bakery also offers cakes, cinnamon buns, cookies and custom cakes for special occasions.


A popular venue in Denville, New Jersey, Beignets is a well-established bake shop that has a variety of donuts on offer. Some of the favorites include chocolate glazed donut, Cannoli donut, Nutella donut, Morgan’s Sundae, Key Lime Pie donut, Girl Scout Thin Mint, and Cinnabon donuts.

The shop also allows you to get your creative juices flowing, giving you the opportunity to create and customize your very own donut. Basically, you start with a freshly cooked plain donut. Then, you customize your donut from their glaze and toppings menu. Or, as we mentioned earlier, you can do whatever the hell you want with the donut.

Broad Street Dough Co.

Broad Street Dough Co. doesn’t get the accolades and acknowledgment it deserves. However, we are not one to not give credit where it is due. Broad Street Dough Co. is a fantastic donut shop that offers outstanding donut options.

While there, we would recommend you to try their cotton candy triple-layer donut, Belmar Bliss, cannoli donut, and Shrewsbury Fields. The shop also pays attention to their vegan and health-conscious customers, offering vegan and gluten-free donut varieties.

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