The Brooklyn Museum, located at 200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn NY, talks about highlighting different perspectives that help broaden the way we see ourselves and the possibilities of the world.

While that might seem like a rather big statement, this iconic building in the heart of Brooklyn is a beacon of diversity and local culture. It’s also situated on the ancestral lands of the indigenous Lenape people and next to some of the oldest neighborhoods in the city which makes it the perfect place for both locals and visitors to explore the past, while feeling connected in the present moment. But what does this mean exactly?

It means the Brooklyn Museum is home to some of the most impressive art and antiques in the world but this is also a museum that tries to foster a greater sense of connection to both the inner and outer world that we all know to some degree.

Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see or experience at the museum.

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What to Expect at the Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum was founded back in 1895 near the neighborhoods of Park Slope, Flat Bush, and Prospect Heights. It’s one of the largest museums in New York and features more than 1.5 million pieces of art, antiques, and pieces of interest.

Aside from the endless art on display, the Brooklyn Museum is also an important hub for the community and supports local families, youth and academics with a long lineup of resources and programs throughout the year.

You will find everything from Japanese paintings, Gothic furniture, and Egyptian antiques but the American art collection really makes the Brooklyn museum stand out.

This work includes paintings and sculptures by famous artists such as Norman Rockwell, Edgar Degas, and Georgia O’Keeffe. There are also exhibitions dedicated to the indigenous Americas, climate change and various prominent figures like Barrack Obama, Christian Dior, and Nick Cave.

For some time-out, the “Memorial Sculpture Garden” is a beautiful feature in the museum and this idyllic space holds many architectural elements that were salvaged from across New York City.

Just so you know, special events and talks take place from time to time and organized tours can help visitors navigate the many exhibits in order to get the most out of their time at the museum. While tickets need to be reserved in advance, the allocation for each day is high and the tickets are easy to obtain on the Brooklyn Museum website.

Final Thoughts

For anyone that might not be passionate about museums, there is sometimes a thought that such places are just somewhere that forgotten objects go to see out their final years.

But the truth is, museums are more important than ever and with so much pieces of interest that address important spiritual and cultural issues in the modern world, the Brooklyn Museum has the power to shape and reflect not only the city of New York but anyone that takes the time to step inside this iconic museum.

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