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Get Your Gourmet Donuts At These NJ Locations

It is rather unfortunate that New Jersey doesn’t get the respect it deserves when it comes to food.  Contrary to popular opinion, New Jersey is a state that is filled with fantastic food delights and restaurants including outstanding gourmet donut locations.

New Jersey shops are more than capable of churning out amazing, tasty donuts! Not only are the donuts are a feast for the stomach, they are a treat for the eyes as well.

Without straying away from the topic any further, here are some of the best NJ locations to get your gourmet donuts. Please do forgive us if we miss your sweet spot; it isn´t practical to cover all the locations.

Uncle Dood’s

Uncle Dood´s has loyal legions of fans all over New Jersey for a reason. Located on the banks of Toms River, this donut shop produces fancy, fun, and delectable donuts! It helps that the shop changes up its menu on a frequent basis. However, if you don´t want to go wrong with your order, we would suggest you to try their classics, Beach Sand, Vermont Swine, and Bed Rockin’.

Fruity Pebbles as a topping is a delicious Dood´s trademark. If you are a big fan of freshly made cake donuts hand dipped in a wide variety of icings and toppings, the donuts from this place is your sweet Nirvana. We believe that there aren´t enough superlatives to describe the fantastic Uncle Dood’s donuts!

L&M Bakery

Located in Burlington Country and operated by a family, L&M Bakery is a household bakery in south Jersey. The bakeshop has been offering outstanding donut services for over 5 decades! While there, we would recommend you to try their peanut butter cup and fresh strawberry frosted donut. The bakery also offers cakes, cinnamon buns, cookies and custom cakes for special occasions.


A popular venue in Denville, New Jersey, Beignets is a well-established bake shop that has a variety of donuts on offer. Some of the favorites include chocolate glazed donut, Cannoli donut, Nutella donut, Morgan’s Sundae, Key Lime Pie donut, Girl Scout Thin Mint, and Cinnabon donuts.

The shop also allows you to get your creative juices flowing, giving you the opportunity to create and customize your very own donut. Basically, you start with a freshly cooked plain donut. Then, you customize your donut from their glaze and toppings menu. Or, as we mentioned earlier, you can do whatever the hell you want with the donut.

Broad Street Dough Co.

Broad Street Dough Co. doesn’t get the accolades and acknowledgment it deserves. However, we are not one to not give credit where it is due. Broad Street Dough Co. is a fantastic donut shop that offers outstanding donut options.

While there, we would recommend you to try their cotton candy triple-layer donut, Belmar Bliss, cannoli donut, and Shrewsbury Fields. The shop also pays attention to their vegan and health-conscious customers, offering vegan and gluten-free donut varieties.

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The Best Bars In New Jersey For The Summer

Are you on the lookout for a watering hole that will serve to be your favorite spot in New Jersey for the summer? If so, you have come to the right place. The bar scene in the state of New Jersey is vibrant, to say the least.

You won’t have trouble finding a bar that helps you unwind after a hectic week at the office.  The state has enough high-end bars with lounge areas, outdoor bars, and rooftop patios and bars for everyone. Without beating about the bush any further, here are the best bars in New Jersey for the summer.

McGovern´s Tavern

The Irish pub, McGovern’s Tavern, has been serving drinks for almost a century and it is located six blocks from Newark’s Penn Station. The bar has a fine selection of Guinness and other types of beer. The food served there also deserves a column of its own; the pizza and Dublin Decker sandwich are particularly famous amongst regular visitors. Regrettably, this particular bar remains closed on weekends.

Zeppelin Hall Restaurant & Biergarten

Zeppelin Hall Restaurant & Biergarten is undoubtedly one of the biggest bars in the state and it is located in 88 Liberty View Drive, Jersey City. The place has a large indoor and outdoor area and it is packed with long, family-style tables. What´s great about this particular place is that it offers up to 144 American and European draft beer options. As the name of this place suggests, Zeppelin Hall Restaurant & Biergarten also offers a wide selection of German cuisine. So, if you are looking for a large fluffy pretzel, you now know where to head!

Dublin House

This is the second Irish pub to make it to the list. Dublin House is located in 30 Monmouth Street, Red Back. Although the pub largely offers traditional Irish food, it also provides seafood options. Hence, if you are someone who enjoys Maryland crab cakes before your bangers and mash, you should visit Dublin House. If you are a fan of the English Premier League, you should definitely visit Dublin House as it shows large screening of football matches.


If you want to have a fun evening, you should consider visiting Barcade. The place not only serves as a bar, it also provides all the amenities an arcade does. Barcade features all the classic games such as Pac Man and Simpsons. And, if you are hungry, you can always enjoy their delicious snacks such as nachos.

Stage House Tavern

Located in 1719 Amwell Road, Somerset, New Jersey, Stage House Tavern is one of the best bars in New Jersey. The place offers a sophisticated menu, a large drink menu and hosts live music thrice a week.

The Stage House cocktails are all priced $5 on Tuesdays, and there´s happy hour every day from 4 to 6 pm. If you are looking for a place that offers great drinks, wonderful food, and good music, you should definitely consider visiting Stage House Tavern.

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The Best Food In NJ No One Wants You To Know About

It is sort of unfortunate that the big apple’s neighbor, New Jersey, doesn’t get much respect when it comes to food.  However, the truth remains–New Jersey is a northeastern U.S. state that is chock full of food delights.

Boasting of over 9,000 farms, the Garden State is renowned for producing over 100 different types of vegetables and fruits; agriculture is the state’s third-largest industry.

Without straying away from the topic any further, here are some of the best food in NJ no one wants you to know about. The list isn’t in any particular order.

White Manna

If you are looking for the best burger in New Jersey, you should look no further than White Manna. Located at 358 River Street on the banks of the Hackensack River, White Manna is one of the best diner-style burger joints in the state. The joint was also featured in the¨American Food Feud¨episode of the Food Network series, Food Feuds. Although the place is rather small and manages to seat only around 10-15 people, the joint offers fantastic meals at unbeatable prices. Everything on the menu is worth trying!

Donkey’s Place

Donkey’s Place in Camden, NJ, is a wonderful restaurant that offers the best cheesesteaks in New Jersey. While there, we would recommend you to order the cheesesteak with provolone cheese; of course, you can´t go wrong with an order of onion rings too. In addition to that, their spicy pepper relish, pickles, and fries are also to die for! The cheesesteaks in Donkey’s Place come on a poppy seed-topped Kaiser instead of a soft Italian roll. It also helps that the place has a good selection of beer.

Hunan Taste

The Hunan Taste Chinese restaurant in Denville, NJ, is an upscale restaurant that provides the perfect setting for a memorable night out. Established in 1986 by the Hsiung family, the restaurant is renowned for serving fantastic Chinese cuisines such as Mandarin pork chop, Peking duck, soup dumplings, fried whole fish, sizzling filet mignon, Sichuan beef, chicken, or fish in fiery hot oil, and beef tendon etc.

Pink Cake Box

If you have cravings for sweet items, we would suggest you to pay a visit to Pink Cake Box. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to state that the highly-acclaimed bakeshop bakes the best sweets, cupcakes, and cakes in the state! The bakery items on offer are not only tasty beyond belief, they are also a delight to look at. While there, we would recommend you to try their pink Champagne cake, hazel Frangelico, and pumpkin cake.

Rutt’s Hut

Rutt’s Hut, arguably, serves the best hot dogs in the state. The roadside shack is widely popular for its trademark Ripper—a pork-and-beef mixture that is fried deeply in beef fat until it rips apart. It also helps that the place boasts of an adjoining tap room which allows you to enjoy cheap beer with your meal.

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The Hottest NJ Real Estate

The real estate market in New Jersey in the winter season was not exactly doing well. However, that is not the case right now as some of the markets in NJ are sizzling hot, reaching peak value.

Previously, like everywhere else, New Jersey´s real estate market suffered a lot due to the 2009 Great Recession. And, many are still waiting for the value of their properties to recover. However, that is not the case across the board as there are numerous towns and estates that are witnessing incredible demand and rise in value.

We have based our list on the basis of the reports published by the esteemed real estate tracking giant, Zillow. The cities are basically ranked on the basis of median home value increase in the past year. We have taken reference from Zillow´s own Home Value Index to formulate our list. The towns mentioned below have all witnessed incredible price growth during the last year.

Without further ado, have a look at some of the hottest NJ real estate markets at the moment.

  • Jersey City, Hudson County

Jersey City, Hudson County, has a median home value index of $428,000 and boasts a median home value increase of a whopping 24.40%. In fact, the median home value of the city increased by nearly a quarter in the past year.

  • Weehawken, Hudson County

Weehawken, Hudson County has a median home value index of $855,000. The city´s home value index is head and shoulders above the county average. The area witnessed a median home value increase of a whopping 23.98%.

  • Asbury Park, Monmouth County

In terms of home value growth, Asbury Park remains the third hottest NJ real estate market. The area´s home value index is $311,000 and it saw a median home value increase of 12.12%.

  • Carlstadt, Bergen County

Carlstadt, Bergen County is the fourth hottest NJ real estate market. The place has an average home value index of $406,000. It witnessed a median home value increase of 11.77% in the past year.

  • Haddon Township, Camden County

Haddon Township lands the fifth spot on our list with a home value index of $252,000 and a yearly home value growth of 11.29%.

  • Hoboken, Hudson County

There´s no denying the fact that Hoboken, Hudson County, features some of the most happening parks and bars in New Jersey. The place saw a home value growth of 7.90% in the past year with the home value index rounding off to $785,000.

  • Demarest, Bergen County

Demarest performed brilliantly in the real estate market, managing a home value growth of 5.57%. Its home value index is $760,000.

  • Westfield, Union County

Westfield, Union County takes the eighth spot on our list with a home value index of $756,000 and a median home value increase of 5.18%.

  • Chatham Township, Morris County

Chatham Township, Morris County is the ninth hottest NJ real estate market right now. The place has an average home value index of $896,000. It witnessed a median home value increase of 4.98% in the past year.

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Very Strange Facts You Should Know About New Jersey

Although New Jersey catches a lot of flak for its lack of contribution to the nation and is often referred to as America’s armpit, we believe that the state is often unfairly underestimated.

To be honest, there isn’t a dearth of strange facts about New Jersey. Although the facts may not tempt you to move there, they are, at the very minimum, strange and interesting!

Without beating about the bush any further, here are some very strange facts you should know about New Jersey.

  • Contrary to popular opinion, the stars of the reality show, Jersey Shore, aren’t the only celebrity natives of New Jersey. Were you aware of the fact that icons such as Jack Nicholson, Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, and Frank Sinatra etc., were born in New Jersey?
  • Although you may be of the opinion that New Jersey is not the ideal place to move to, you’d be surprised to know that there are many others that don’t agree with you. In fact, more than 9 million people call New Jersey their home. The state boasts of the highest percentage of population density in America! New Jersey is one of the most expensive states in the States to live in, with the average rent being around $1,800 a month. In addition to that, the state also has the most expensive auto insurance.
  • However, New Jersey is not exactly the safest state for cars as it is one of the top states for car theft. Some of the models that are commonly stolen include Honda Civics and Accord, Nissan Altimas, and Toyota Camry.
  • Here’s another strange fact for you! New Jersey is one of two states where motorists aren’t permitted to pump their own gas. The regulation was first decided by the New Jersey state legislature back in 1949; the responsible authorities decided that only gasoline station operators were skilled enough to pump gas in compliance with proper safety procedures.
  • Have a look at your bottled water. Do you see an expiration date? Well, you have New Jersey to thank for the information. Back in 1987, a law in New Jersey required all the food products to display an expiration date. It became rather inconvenient for bottled water manufacturers to only manufacture expiration-dated water for New Jersey. Hence, they resorted to producing expiration-dated water for the entire nation.
  • Were you aware of the fact that the first college football game was held in New Jersey? Rutgers and Princeton participated in the first college football game in New Jersey in 1869. Rutgers claimed victory that day, defeating Princeton 6-4. A second match was played later in the year, with Princeton winning 8-0. A third match was scheduled but, ¨officials at both schools were worried about the rising fervor over sports eclipsing academic.¨ Hence, it was canceled.

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