Fire is an existential threat. It has colored humanity’s perception of danger since the days of the cavemen, and it continues to haunt us until this present day. The danger of fire has spurred countless innovations from humanity, and work to protect society and its property from fire is still ongoing.

We have put together personnel in the form of firefighters and fire safety experts, equipment in the form of fire alarms and sprinklers, and laws to prevent the spread of fire in industrial and residential areas, yet the threat persists.

One of the more novel and effective ways of finally putting a stop to the ever-present threats of fire in office buildings is through the employment of Fire Life Safety Directors.

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What Are The Qualities a Fire and Life Safety Director Should Have?

Organizational Skills

It probably does not need to be said that the person who can keep their head on straight in a fire situation is precisely the type of person you need in a Fire and Life Safety Director.

Our FLSD’s are organized, and cool-headed especially when things are in a state of chaos.

Reliability and Discipline

The position of Fire and Life Safety Director is one that requires strict adherence to protocol and the commitment to follow through.

Our guards follow best practices and remain calm, even with the knowledge that countless lives depend on their decisions.

Commitment to Protecting Others

The entire point of a Fire and Life Safety Director is to safeguard lives. It even says that in their job title.

Our FLSD’s are prepared to put in 100 percent to ensure that the lives and property under our care remain safe from harm.

Command Presence

Our Fire & Life Safety Directors can give orders in a crisis and find people willing to carry them out. Having a commanding presence requires more than just an imposing stature; you need to convince people to follow your lead even without speaking a word.

It might be hard to define, but it is certainly a quality that will serve you and a quality we train for in our Fire & Life Safety Directors.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinkers can see beyond the immediate and plan accordingly. Fire and Life Safety Directors are expected to strategize on preventing and limiting the damage from fires and other disasters even before they occur.

Our guards are the type of person to have contingency plans for their contingency plans.

Solid Communication Skills

One of the most underrated skills a Fire and Life Safety Director would need to have is communicating.

The role of Fire and Life Safety Director comes with the responsibility of training other safety staff and building occupants to make sure that they understand and are ready to carry out your plans when the time comes.

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