Security consulting companies are called upon when clients require guidance regarding which security services will best suit their organization. Building Security Services provides security consulting services to evaluate the specific needs of individual facilities like:

  • Comprehensive security assessment survey are conducted by a security consultant to analyze the site’s security environment & safety requirements
  • Written reports are issued detailing the survey’s findings with site-specific safety threat landscape and security recommendations

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Security Consulting Services

For over 30 years we’ve helped create an air-tight security environment servicing our clients with security consultants:

  • Risk threat security assessment. This can be for one-off security consulting projects or for third parties to gain insights into potential security breaches.
  • Policy review assessment & development.
  • Security Master Plans. This will strengthen the weak points of organizations while also providing meticulous guidelines, or security roadmap, to improve security programs and measures from personnel, access control, and other security procedures.
  • Detailed intelligence reporting. We will analyze your business security threats and report back current risks within a radius of your business location.
  • Contingency planning security consulting service. This will guide organization can guide organizations on how to deal with the certainty and uncertainty of various security situations such as riots or political unrest, storms or other natural disasters, regulatory compliance, workplace violence, and other types of emergencies that have the potential to come up.
  • Cyber Security Consulting & Cloud Security Consulting Services. Our security consultants will keep your security measures up to date with your business objectives and your industry’s security risks. Cybersecurity threats are at an all time high.

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The decisions you make surrounding your company around security today will determine how vulnerable to threats your company will be now, and in the future. It’s a great return on investment because all the measures we will recommend have employee, building and asset safety in mind.

Our security consulting services will give you the peace of mind about keeping you, your office, your employees, and assets safe from security threats and harm.

We have vast experience advising clients from countless industries including:

Risk Management Security Consultants & Physical Security Strategy Services

Due to our countless years in the business based on real world examples with our clients, our security consulting services and approach to security consulting is customized for each business organization we work with.

Ready to get your organization security consulting services? Our team will make sure your physical security is up to par and risk management is in line.

Contact Building Security Services today for consultants and risk detection security specialists. We have offices in New Jersey and New York City and our assessment experts in security consulting are very service oriented.

The end goal is to make sure your business organization is protected from threats at every angle and you can rely on our security consulting experts to pinpoint, and make known, what needs to be done to ensure that.

With a proper risk mitigation security strategy, detection, and planning, along side a strong and integrated security framework, your business will have what it needs to conduct business at its highest level, while threats and security challenges are non-existent.

Our security experts and consultants have the expertise to give organizations the solutions that other security consulting firms miss.

By taking a look at all angles of your business and how it is vulnerable to outside risks, our security team and the security consultants at Building Security Services will have the insights to help prevent, plan and allow you to respond appropriately to any security threat.

Contact Building Security Services today to learn more about our security consulting services. We have company offices in New York and New Jersey and our security program solutions have results that our clients value highly.

Joseph Ferdinando is the visionary founder of Building Security Services, a leading security company renowned for its comprehensive security services. With an illustrious career spanning over 40 years in the security industry, Joseph has been instrumental in elevating the standards of security guard services for a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations. As an influential member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) in both New York and New Jersey chapters, Joseph has played a pivotal role in shaping industry standards and practices.