We live in trying times. Insecurity remains at an all-time high, and violence erupts seemingly unpredictably, putting lives and property at risk.

It is vital to ensure the safety of the lives and property under your care by giving them the best protection money can buy at an affordable cost. The use of uniformed patrol officers to safeguard lives and property has been demonstrated to serve as a deterrent to crime by their very presence, and studies have shown that locations with uniformed patrol officers are vandalized less often and suffer fewer thefts than their counterparts.

At BSS, we help secure your employees and property by providing the best trained uniformed patrol officers that serve as a very visible deterrent to crime.

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The Elegance of Prevention

At BSS, our philosophy is simple. We preach prevention rather than damage control.

This means that our uniformed patrol officers are always on the alert, patrolling for potential sparks that can be de-escalated before they turn into full-blown problems. Armed with a keen eye for danger or threats, you can trust our officers to nip trouble in the bud.

The Many Benefits of Around-the-Clock Security Patrols 

The truly frustrating thing about a potential threat is that it does not pick an appropriate time to arrive. The benefits of around-the-clock security patrols are endless and include:

  • Constant protection from danger
  • Immediate response to critical situations
  • Protection from losses due to vandalism and theft
  • Advance warning for unsafe conditions like leakages before they become full-blown problems
  • Immediate notification to emergency services where appropriate

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How Can We Help You?

We understand that your organization may have specific needs. We offer a range of service options that you can tailor to suit your unique needs, including:

Custom Patrol Services

With this option, you have the ability to assign patrol officers to unique tasks or get them to pay careful attention to particular services, including unlocking and locking your facilities, turning off security and heating systems, and responding to alarms, in addition to working closely with law enforcement wherever necessary.

Foot Patrol Services

With these services, you get access to uniformed officers that pay a specified number of visits to your property, thoroughly examine problem points, and ensure that your premises are safe and secure, examining thermostats, smoke detectors, and pipes to spot abnormalities.

Vehicle Patrol

Choosing the vehicle patrol gives you access to patrol officers who make their rounds in a distinctive, marked vehicle, provide prompt response wherever necessary, and drive through the property at random to better dissuade crime.

Bicycle Patrol

Does your property have particularly hard to reach nooks? Don’t worry; bicycle patrols can go where no other vehicles can. With our bicycle patrols, you get access to patrol officers riding through your property, keeping an eye out for danger and deterring crime by their very presence.

Cut Costs While Retaining Efficiency

In order to make sure that you rest easy, we provide consistent, up-to-date, and detailed reports of what your security officers are up to at any time. You will be the first to know when anything comes up through our incident reports, and you will gain access to written reports and activity logs when everything goes according to plan. 

We have crunched the numbers, and we have arrived at one inescapable conclusion; patrol services represent the most cost-effective ways to safeguard your property and the lives of your staff. Reach out to us today at the contact addresses below to give it a try!

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