A security guard company, that employs security guards, should be commended because these people are the unsung heroes of customer safety. They are the reason that men and women across the country can publicly go about their days in peace.

Where police officers must find their way to an emergency situation, security guards are always on the scene immediately when an issue is present, ready to intercept and arbitrate when necessary.

This is why they are such a vital facet of any successful business. To elaborate on these claims, I must first express my respect for those who don the title as a “guard.”

These people willingly take the time out of their lives, putting themselves at constant risk, all to make sure that their fellow men and women can comfortably do what they need to do.

No matter the task, how mundane (or, inversely, dangerous) it may be, guards do what they must without question or complaint. As most can honestly say, this attribute is something easily recognizable as worthy of admiration.

It would be unfair to leave out those deserving the utmost veneration, however. Countless security guards can be proud to say that they have not only worked to protect their nation’s people here, but overseas as well. Military veterans often find themselves feeling out of place when returning to civilian life.

An occupation such as general security, where the line between bystander and protector is blurred, is a perfect channel for readjustment into homeland normalcy. Not just anyone can do a job like this, either. It takes someone with a certain kind of mettle that not many have nowadays.

Clocking into work as a possible doorman service and despite understanding that an armed thief, a major accident, or even something as drastic as a terrorist attack could happen at any moment requires a superbly solid resolve.

These people do it humbly, calmly, and prudently, without an iota of egotism present. Something commonly looked over about security guards is the mandatory composure paramount while working as a negotiator.

They must be prepared to deal with difficult civilians, potential criminals, or even both, all the while keeping vigilant awareness of their surroundings. Not only this, but they also need to keep a level head and a tranquil demeanor during such events so as not to provoke hostility.

Given the average person’s patience and temper, a trait like this is certainly a commendable one. Finally, one of the most crucial aspects of a private security’s importance is simply personability.

They aren’t actual policemen, who may come off as intimidating during a serious situation. Nor are they just another noncombatant, as evident by appearance.

They’re at just the right point to come off as someone easily approachable should conflict arise. When working for a specific company, guardianship is far more intimate than that with a police officer, who works for the government as a whole.

Private security is imperative to daily safety. Through the generosity of the men and women who choose this profession, the populace is gifted with a restful mind, knowing firmly that these guards will put themselves in the line of fire for their sake.

It’s a blessing that many do not recognize and take for granted, unfortunately. And still, those in this field of work, do it all and ask not for anything in return. This is why security guards are so very important.


  1. Braden Bills

    I didn’t know that businesses could hire security services. It seems like would be the best way to ensure that their customers and employees are safe! That seems like a good idea for places that have a lot of people walking in and out, since you never know who will come in.

  2. Max Jones

    I’ve always been really curious about security guards and I wanted to learn a little bit more. I’m glad that you talked about how security guards should be praised for the work that they do on a daily basis to keep people safe. I’m going to have to make sure that I show appreciation to security guards more often than I currently do!

  3. Derek Dewitt

    I know that when I see a security guard at a store or business I feel much safer. I like that you talk about how security guards are already at the scene as opposed to the police who have to travel there. Time is always a major factor in emergencies so having someone on standby would personally make me feel better. Thanks for sharing.

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