The idea of a concierge is one that has become increasingly popular in recent years, with many hotels and resorts offering this service to their guests.

Concierges, most commonly at hotels, are often seen as personal assistants for guests. They provide hotel guests with information about the hotel they are staying at, booking tours or excursions for them, and even deliver items like flowers to their room when requested.

The traditional security guard, on the other hand, is much more focused on protecting property than being stationed in one place. They usually do not have any contact with guests at all unless there is an issue that needs resolving such as someone who has overstayed their welcome or broken hotel policy rules.

Security Guard Job Description

A security guard’s job can vary greatly depending on what type of establishment they are working for, but there are some general tasks that every guard will be expected to perform.

These include patrolling the area to make sure that everything is in order, checking IDs at various points during the night where it may be required, and reporting any suspicious activity to a superior.

Some properties may have a larger staff of security guards who work in teams or pairs, with each guard being responsible for specific areas of the property that they are assigned to.

Concierge Job Description

Concierges are the life of every hotel they work in, and this is mainly due to their excellent people skills.

It’s important that a concierge has an outgoing personality and is comfortable engaging with large crowds of strangers as this will be one of their main responsibilities.

Their duties can vary depending on what kind of services the hotel offers its guests, but they will generally be expected to provide guests with information about the hotel and surrounding area, make arrangements or bookings for guests (such as tours or excursions), and even providing non-emergency medical assistance if needed.

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Concierge Duties

While security guards and concierges may seem like two completely different positions, there are actually a lot of similarities between them. Both need to be able to perform customer service duties such as answering questions and providing information.

The main difference is that one focuses on protecting the property while the other interacts with people. However, a security guard can also act as a concierge as well.

When there are larger events held at a hotel, such as conventions or conferences, the security staff can be expected to provide information for guests and assist them with any issues they may have.

Concierge Salary vs Security Guard Salary

When looking at the pay scales for security guards and concierges, there is a clear divide between the amount that each position is paid.

A security guard working in a large city will usually be paid around $12 or $13 an hour while those living in rural areas may earn closer to $10 per hour. A concierge, on the other hand, is paid much more with many of them earning salaries of around $20 per hour.

Can A Security Guard Also Act As A Concierge?

A security guard can act as a concierge, but a concierge cannot perform security guard duties. A security guard is responsible for protecting property, patrolling the area, and reporting any suspicious activity.

A concierge on the other hand works primarily with guests, providing information about the hotel and surrounding areas, making arrangements or bookings for guests, and even assisting them with non-emergency medical needs if needed.

However, there are times where a hotel may have an influx of guests during an event such as a convention or conference.

During this time, the security staff can help out the concierge with checking in new guests and providing them with information about their stay.


Both a concierge and security guard have many similarities when it comes to the duties they perform.

When there are larger events held at hotels, such as conventions or conferences, both positions will be expected to help out one another in their duties which can provide some unique opportunities for those interested in entering either field.

The main difference between the two is that while a security guard protects property by patrolling an area and reporting any suspicious activity to superiors; a concierge spends most of his time engaged with guests providing information about hotel policies and surrounding areas.

A concierge is also expected to make arrangements or bookings for guests and assist them with non-emergency medical needs if needed.

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