From hosting large special events to closing your shop late at night, you expose yourself, your guests, and your property to plenty of dangers, from robberies to assaults.

According to Niche, New York City has a higher rate of these two crimes than the national average, but our city is also no stranger to other crimes like murder and burglary. So, for your protection, consider armed security in NYC.

At Building Security Services, we have 40 years of experience growing into one of the top respected security companies in NYC. With constant training, 24/7 reliability, and speedy responses, we’ll fulfill all your needs with an armed or unarmed security guard.

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We Provide Armed Security In New York City

Whether you want to ensure someone is there when you or your employees work overtime or if customers return during off hours, trust our security guards. Patrol services also deter criminals from break-ins, protecting your assets and business.

Armed security officer holding gun

Other ways we provide armed security in NYC include the following:

  • In hotels, malls, and other retail & commercial buildings
  • For armored car and truck services alongside transportation and fleet protection services
  • For riots and crowd control
  • For security on construction sites
  • & much more

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What Training Programs Do Our NYC Security Guards Go Through?

According to NY State law, all potential security guards must complete the 8 Hour Pre-Assignment Training Course, an introductory program at the end of which they receive a certificate they must submit with their security guard application.

Then, they have 90 days to finish 16 hours of on-the-job training. If they have a gun permit, they can also take the 47 Hour Firearms Training to become an armed guard.

After the initial training, our security guards go through annual training in the form of 8-hour Annual In-Service Training and 8-hour Annual Firearms Training to uphold their armed guard registration. They must also submit Peace Officer Waivers unless they’re peace officers or police officers.

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From New York City Security Officers to Security Systems, We Have You Covered!

Our team understands that many facets of safety need covering. As such, we offer all types of services, from threat assessment to providing around-the-clock vehicle, foot, and bike site patrol. We also have numerous security systems like video and camera surveillance alongside intercom systems.

To take advantage of our private security team, contact Building Security Services at (212) 687-1711. We are a top security guard company in New York City where we can provide unarmed and armed security. Reach out to request assistance today!