We work to integrate virtually any alarm system or security camera network with the Openpath access control & cloud-based technology platform.

Openpath provides businesses with an innovative approach to access control and security system management with their enterprise software and access control systems.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking for an access solution to modernize an existing access control system of badge/card readers and cables, Openpath has what you’re looking for.

The Openpath key card reader technology is constructed with multi-layered security and features 128-bit block encryption, which protects against sniffing, cloning, and encryption key copying.

The Openpath access control solution is not only secure, but they also offer intuitive design and modern hardware for a more stylish, user-friendly alternative for convenience.

Your teams won’t miss those clunky key fobs and access cards. Due to its easy-to-use software interface, disruptive approach to access control credentials, and air-tight security structure, Openpath is one of our top access control system picks.

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Openpath – A Comprehensive Access Control System

Once Openpath access control hardware is installed, its cloud-based access will allow you to remotely lock or unlock doors from virtually anywhere using their mobile app or key card.

On-site, you’ll be able to access secure areas using a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch app, physical key card, or fob. The system also works with cellular and Bluetooth, so it will still function seamlessly even if the internet is down or power is out.

With the emergency lockdown feature, you’ll be able to lock any door instantly in the event of a breach or emergency. Openpath has comprehensive reports which allow you to see a full history of access activities using their easy-to-use interface in a web browser.

Your teams will even be able to open doors with only their hands using the touch entry feature, which recognizes someone’s phone to provide secure access even if it’s in their pocket.

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Openpath Access Control for Property Managers

For property managers, Openpath provides an ideal solution to control and incorporate existing access control systems technology into a more modern and secure interface.

Openpath’s property management solution offers one of the fastest mobile-unlock features available for businesses on the market. Their patented triple-unlock technology sends LTE, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi signals simultaneously to access devices for quick and easy entry.

Whether you’re looking to install or upgrade an existing access control system for an entrance, garage, elevator, or office doors, Openpath allows you, as a property manager, to easily grant system access to tenants and their guests using a simple interface.

The system works with multiple credentialing options, allowing property managers to integrate legacy prox fobs and prox cards or upgrade to more modern solutions such as mobile credentials and smart keycards.

Openpath Integration Solutions

Openpath seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, Okta, and G Suite by Google to sync your identity and access control services.

You can also connect Openpath software to existing visitor management solutions such as Envoy, allowing you to automatically log Envoy visitors into your Openpath activity records.

You’ll also be able to grant guest access options to registered visitors that will allow them to unlock doors at designated times.

And with Openpath’s video management integration, you can connect video management systems such as Milestone to Openpath software using integrations. This allows you to easily associate specific workplace doors and entries with installed security cameras.

The Milestone XProtect Smart Client application seamlessly incorporates your Openpath activity history to review system access history. The Openpath technology stack also has integrations with Camio, Hubspot, Slack, Rhombus Systems, and Google Sheets.

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Openpath Mobile App for System Access

With Openpath’s mobile access feature, you’ll have the ability to open any door right from the Openpath app’s home screen on your smartphone. The Openpath mobile app gives people access to additional features such as the option to prioritize their property’s most frequently used doors and access points or opt into two-factor authentication.

The Openpath smartwatch app allows users to “touch and go” for easy access. With their phone nearby in a purse or pocket, users only need to tap their watch on the access reader to open the door. Their smartphones and Openpath access control app is all they need for the readers to give end users access. No cards or credentials needed.

Visitors can be granted temporary access, like a guest pass, with just an email or text message – no mobile phone application required. Temporary access users simply need to click on a URL link using their mobile phone to open doors during a designated period.

Openpath Installation Service Provider

As a trusted installer of Openpath hardware and software solutions, Building Security Services can fully install and set up Openpath access control for your business.

Our team of security system installation professionals has extensive experience in integrating Openpath’s security management software with new and existing security systems to achieve the optimal solution for your business’s specific needs, no matter how small.

We supervise and manage the entire access control installation and integration process on your behalf, ensuring your Openpath system is fully set-up and ready to go.

Openpath Repair and Maintenance

Our commitment to your organization’s security systems needs doesn’t stop once the access control system is installed in your business or offices.

Access control companies in New Jersey like Building Security Services are pleased to offer lifetime repair and safety maintenance services for your Openpath access control system.

Whether you only have one point of entry or a sprawling enterprise across multiple floors, our security team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your Openpath security system continues to run smoothly and securely. Contact us here.

Joseph Ferdinando is the founder of Building Security Services, a company that provides security solutions to businesses and organizations. He has more than 40 years of experience in the security industry, and he is a recognized expert in the field. Joseph is also a member of Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), where he's held position of Director on the Board of Directors in both the New York and new Jersey chapters.