From fire alarms to security, central station monitoring is an essential part of a facility’s safety and security plan.

In today’s world, there are many reasons why your building requires centralized alarm monitoring by experts in the field. From fires to break-ins or theft, these events can happen without warning.

The best way for you as a property owner to protect yourself against any unexpected event that could endanger lives (including yours), and harm assets on-site is through hiring professional Central Station Monitoring professionals like Building Security Services who have been doing this work long enough know how crucial it really is.

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24/7 Central Station Monitoring

Your security is our main priority, so the Building Security Systems (BSS) central station doesn’t close.

The central station operator is the person who keeps an eye on everything and that’s why continued training and education is so important. What enables us to make a difference in averting crime and saving lives? What really makes all of this work? Our people.

We encourage our personnel through continuing education because without it they’ll never be able to do anything more than just keep watch over things from afar. Central station security monitoring is so much more than that.

BSS Advantages

  • Authorized by the New York City Fire Department, UL Listed and CSAA accredited
  • Tracking team thoroughly trained and experienced in commercial and residential monitoring.
  • Cutting-edge technology provides 24/7 monitoring of security, elevator, and fire and sprinkler alarms
  • Central station is safely situated outside of Manhattan

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BSS Fire and Life Safety Managers

  • Customize systems to the specific needs of facilities and address potential risks that may exist due to daily operations
  • Collaborate with clients on choosing the optimal technology to provide maximum fire/life safety protection for their environment
  • Specialize in testing and servicing most manufacturers’ fire-alarm systems
  • Serve clients with a range of facilities including small-to-large office buildings, retail stores, hospitals and residential properties
  • Provide expertly trained service technicians and central-station operators for reliable service and on-going support
  • Operate a 24-hour central monitoring station approved by the New York City Fire Department and UL certified
  • Provide addressable fire-alarm systems for a wide range of applications including commercial, office, high tech, telecommunications, industrial and warehouse facilities
  • Supply fire systems that comply with current NFPA code standards, local requirements and facility-specific insurance provisions
  • Work with facility electrical engineers, architects, and electrical and HVAC contractors to get the job done on time

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Central Station Monitoring Services

When you sign up for a security system, one of the things you have to think of is the monitoring service for the company. You definitely want to think about the equipment being used, too.

Some of the various companies use some of the same equipment if you didn’t know. Price is a factor, as are many other things, but those central station monitoring services are going to make all the difference, too.

If your security company doesn’t offer one of the best central station monitoring services, what good is that going to do you?

You need a reputable call center that is looking out for you and helping you to keep your business safe. If anything suspicious is going on at your company, the call center alerts the authorities. They monitor your security system in all kinds of different ways.

When you talk to the different security companies in your area, you want to ask them questions about their monitoring services.

That way you know what all you can expect and can compare the different services that are available. Where are the centers located by the way? How big are the centers? What do you need to know about them that is most important?

What kind of backup plan do they have during emergency situations and power outages? You definitely have to be sure that they have your back during all types of different situations because their constant monitoring is what brings your security system to life.

You rely upon them for your security needs, and that is of course 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Do you have the right security company?

They need to be able to prove themselves to you before you just simply sign up for a system and service. Contact us today for a quote!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Central Station Monitoring System?

The central station alarm monitoring center provides watchful services to a variety of industries in order to manage devices and respond.

What is a central station operator?

Central station alarm operators are the heroes of Central Station Monitoring. They’re responsible for managing events when an alarm occurs and ensuring that our clients receive exceptional service from a qualified professional.

Central station employees are on call 24/7 to answer any type of emergency or security concern, even outside office hours. Their responsibility is not only about delivering great customer service, but also making important decisions quickly.

Are fire alarms connected to the Fire Department?

Through a monitoring service, your fire alarm can signal the fire department, but for safety’s sake it is important that firefighters are contacted if there is an alarm. The default option should always be a “single-station” system which allows users to connect their fire systems with the nearest station.

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