You might think that because of the technological advancements being made in surveillance and security equipment that there is no longer a need for security personnel, but this is not the case. Many businesses still need security personnel to handle specific emergencies and help protect them from threats.

Due to the sensitive nature of the job, hiring the right personnel is essential. This process, however, can be quite challenging.

There are certain qualities security personnel must have to be effective and reliable. Looking for these attributes will go a long way in helping you find the right person for the job. This post will share with you some of those key qualities.


For a security guard or officer to be good at their job, they must have acquired enough training. The more extensive the training, the better the job they will do.

One way to determine the level of training a security officer or guard has received is to look at their licensing and certification. The Security Industry Authority license is a good place to start. In New Jersey, our guards are required to have a SORA license and in New York, the NYS License.

If you’re looking for more information on security guard training in the NYC area, read more here.


Ideally, you want to ensure that your security guards and officers can handle a wide variety of issues. Security personnel with ample experience are better equipped to handle an extensive range of scenarios and threats.

The ideal security officer could have military experience. They could also be experienced in handling high-risk and hostile situations.

Physical Fitness

The job of a security guard or officer involves many physical challenges. Security guards might have to patrol a large area, stay up all night, or outrun a thief.

Though a guard’s shift is often calm and quiet, they will need quick reflexes and a fast response time should an emergency arise suddenly. That’s why being in the proper physical condition is essential.

Security personnel should exercise regularly and also watch what they eat. This regimen will give them the fitness needed to ensure the safety of others during emergencies.

Honesty and Integrity

Security officers work without continuous control from their employer. On top of that, they are often responsible for protecting valuable assets. They have to be reliable and honest. These qualities of security personnel will help build and maintain trust.

However, such qualities are difficult to check when recruiting a security officer and are often only visible once the officer has been at the post for some time. Fortunately, there are certain steps you can take, such as conducting thorough background checks, to reduce risk.


Vigilance is all about thinking on one’s feet and recognizing when to take action. Before this can happen, however, security personnel must determine the presence of a potential threat.

They need to be alert and stay focused at all times. Having excellent observation skills enables them to notice certain irregularities. They should then weigh the potential threat quickly and determine whether they will need support from other security personnel.

Lead and Follow

It is not uncommon for security personnel to work in a group. Being able to work in a team and knowing when to lead and when to follow is essential. A good security officer will know when to impose the necessary measures to eradicate a potential threat.

Their ability to take charge will also be crucial when managing crowds and guiding them through emergencies and dangerous situations.


Security professionals must be able to communicate clearly and with comprehension. Good communication skills are vital in every aspect of the security officer’s job. Communication is needed when the officers are working in a team or cooperating with emergency services.

Communication is not just helpful during emergencies. In most cases, the security guard is the first person a potential customer sees. They represent your business. So while protecting your property is the priority, they must be professional, friendly, and helpful as well.

Low Profile

Though there are certain occasions when a security guard will need to stand out, it is also essential they know when to reduce the disruption or impact an incident might cause. In such cases, they should aim to de-escalate tense situations.

Considering that some of the people guards will deal with could try provoking them, they have to know how to keep a cool head. Having a conciliatory attitude will allow them to work better under pressure.


The best security officer is one who is passionate about the job. They should be driven to help and protect people and value human life above everything else. Such security personnel will often be hard-working, dedicated, and loyal.

Get the Very Best Security Personnel at Building Security Services

While expertise and experience matter, having the above qualities of security personnel will help them perform their tasks more effectively. The better they are at their job, the more secure everyone will be.

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