Ensuring the overall security of gathering places plays a significant role, especially in light of recent events.

Wherever large crowds may gather, comprehensive security services should not be compromised, especially for: stadiums, theaters, concerts, and the like. Building Security Services can create a customized security plan suited to your specific needs.

Our stadium and concert security guards are highly trained in addressing even the most extreme circumstances, such as anti-terrorism concerns.

As expert problem solvers, BSS security guards have been prepared for large stadium situations, with certifications in first aid, crisis management, and emergency evacuations.

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With security solutions catered to large crowd gatherings, in addition to venue size, event duration, and number of attendees, Building Security Services offers customizable security services.

Our certified stadium and concert security guards will act as a representative of your brand, adding irreplaceable value as a builder of goodwill.

Stadium & Concert Security Guards

Our stadium and concert security guards are trained to meet the specific and unique security challenges presented by ever-increasing threats of terrorist acts.

Concert halls, stadiums, and theaters pose inherent risks, which are easily managed by a knowledgeable and well-prepared security team.

Putting a customized security plan in place is the first significant step in combating random acts of violence, often presenting themselves without warning. To properly assess and coordinate extreme force circumstances, prevention is critical and often requires comprehensive security training.

Building Security Services officers are prepared to react with an effective, immediate response and deterrent – based on the nature of any given threat.

Our security guards are well equipped to handle sudden, unexpected security challenges, with specialized training to ensure seamless adaptation to public situations.

Most importantly, BSS officers ensure overall positive guest experiences, alongside reduced risk and liability, within secure environments.

With a team of highly trained guards offering a variety of protective services, you can feel confident in the Building Security Services team overseeing the safety and security of your stadium.

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Our teams are highly trained to manage any situation that may arise, providing solutions such as:

  • Anti-Terrorism Response
  • First Aid & Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Emergency Response
  • Personal Protection Services For VIPs
  • Aggressive Behavior Management
  • Crowd Control
  • Traffic and Parking Control
  • ID & Access Control
  • Magnetometers

Providing Security Services Catered to Your Environment, Culture, and Needs

Regardless of your event location’s nature, utilizing highly visible security guards alongside integrated undercover officers enables better observation and prevention of potential threats.

You might take it a step further to increase protection by hiring certified armed guards. Keeping a combination team of Building Security Services officers and guards in your arsenal, ensures the overall safety of your theater or stadium.

Building Security Services strives to develop security plans catered directly to the need of our client’s stadiums and event properties.

Our teams go beyond the illusion of security by mere officer presence, acting as a trusted security partner to prevent – managing threats before they become a problem. Clients are free to customize various protocols to maximize your property’s security budget while also decreasing risk and liability.

Certified security guards are heavily trained in handling crisis situations, ensuring overall guest protection by taking the appropriate measures.

Building Security Services officers are fully trained in handling medical emergencies by administering services such as First Aid, CPR, etc.

Not only are our concert security guards prepared for emergencies, but also to serve the public (as concierge or trusted authority figures), adding value to event space.

As our officers remain entirely focused on the client’s best interest, patron security, and safety, you can rest assured your attendees’ concerns will be well met.

Flexibility With Public Spaces, Concerts, Stadiums And More

Building Security Services strives to be a flexible security partner, recognizing the importance of maintaining trust between officers and clientele. Managing large crowds in public spaces, including concerts, stadiums, and theaters, demand flexibility.

Every event demands a unique approach to security and safety. An unexpected threat may require a sudden update to protocols, increasing the need for various security guards present at the venue.

Regardless of the obstacles, BSS guards are prepared to protect and secure your property, venue, patrons, and staff.

The maintenance of flexibility provides a highly efficient and cost-effective approach to security budget optimization. By adjusting several factors based on any given situation, including the number of guards working your venue, as well as the length of their shift.

Building Security Services will coordinate the personnel for your location as the event begins to take shape. This enables each officer to work as a coherent body, prepared to manage unexpected threats seamlessly.

Building Security Services wants to become your security solutions partner, to solve issues, and ensure the implementation of protocols and security guard plans – customized to your specific needs.

Offering Specially Trained Concert, and Security Guards

Every BSS guard is subjected to a thorough vetting process, in addition to thorough training. This ensures the most comprehensive security for your event property, backed by top officers in the industry.

To maintain standards, Building Security Services guards must maintain certifications and clearances in:

  • Access Control
  • Random Drug Testing
  • Anti-Terrorism Awareness Training
  • CPR & First Aid Training
  • Criminal History Clearance
  • Child Abuse Clearance
  • Aggressive Behavior Management
  • Package Inspection
  • Training in Use of Force
  • Metal Detectors & Wands
  • Coordination For Evacuations

In addition to the standards mentioned above, BSS stadium security guards must also document and verify their work detail activities. This ensures officers remain engaged and on task, providing clients with assurances in venue security and budget allocation.

By providing certified security guards, BSS ensures our officers are trained to operate on-site equipment, including alarms, CCTV monitoring & surveillance, as well as metal detectors.

Because Building Security Services guards represent your brand or business, we take pride in their overall appearance, ensuring a healthy physique and well-groomed appearance.

Venue Security Services & Protocols

Stadium and theater locations, designed to accommodate large crowds, often present unique security challenges due to their sheer size.

Securing venues meant for entertaining large numbers of attendees is often a challenging task for event organizers. This is simply due to the ever-increasing threat of random acts of terrorism.

BSS stadium officers are prepared to act as your concert security partner, developing comprehensive protocols based on need.

By addressing the terrorism concerns of the 21st century, Building Security Services provides experts aimed at assessing the details of your specific security challenges.

To learn more about our flexible security services for any size crowd or venue, contact us today for a free consultation. Once you’ve been provided with a price and plan estimate, all you have to do is review and approve the security plan.

BSS will then move forward with securing your venue to ensure the safety of each member of staff, patron, and guest.

Joseph Ferdinando is the visionary founder of Building Security Services, a leading security company renowned for its comprehensive security services. With an illustrious career spanning over 40 years in the security industry, Joseph has been instrumental in elevating the standards of security guard services for a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations. As an influential member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) in both New York and New Jersey chapters, Joseph has played a pivotal role in shaping industry standards and practices.