Manufacturing plant or factory owners must ensure their building and employees’ safety and security amid shrinking budgets, strict state and/or federal regulatory rules, and other responsibilities.

With Building Security Services at your side, you can rest assured that we have the safety security knowledge that relates to the industry. We can craft a personalized security service that is dependent on your particular needs and goals.

BSS has an impressive corporate safety record and experience with industrial security that makes us a formidable manufacturing plant security partner to be at your side.

Manufacturing Safety Solutions

Our professionals will work with every client to come up with a cohesive security program that focuses on employee safety, asset protection and uses technology that streamlines your current security operations and ensures your business objectives are met.

BSS’s security professionals are trained to look out for safety hazards, addressing them to ensure they are taken care of. We also offer an array of other security services for your business, including but not limited to:

  • Fire extinguisher evaluations & checks
  • Signing in and badging employees or visitors
  • Aiding in loss prevention
  • Credentialing employees
  • Visitor escorts
  • Conduct job safety examinations
  • Distribute mail/packages
  • Conduct lighting inspections

Manufacturing Security Guard Service

We want to be your dependable, knowledgeable security partner, assisting you in preparing and managing risk from one end of the business to the other.

We offer detailed security recommendations, which include conducting threat assessments and situation analysis. BSS will carefully look at and lower any possible risks and develop physical security programs that will protect your business’ assets.

How else can we help your business?

  • Actively address possible incidents while also improving both the safety and security of your logistics and supply chain using an integrated workforce management platform
  • Create crisis contingency plans to ensure an immediate emergency response, including secure protection of high-risk circumstances with expert asset protection SWAT/response teams.
  • Respond immediately to potential problems using a coordinated monitoring and response system such as fire and detection alarm monitoring system, remote video and intrusion system, etc.
  • Boost physical security services using innovative security intelligence and technology to improve communications, reporting and security response.
  • Attain a good look into the risk through threat intelligence platforms and situational awareness or improve the operations in command centers.

Joseph Ferdinando is the founder of Building Security Services, a company that provides security solutions to businesses and organizations. He has more than 40 years of experience in the security industry, and he is a recognized expert in the field. Joseph is also a member of Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA), where he's held position of Director on the Board of Directors in both the New York and new Jersey chapters.