Building Security Services can improve your campus’ security with the latest technology and highly-experienced and trained security professionals.

This allows you to give your students and staff a safe learning and teaching environment. What kinds of services do we provide?

  • A team of personable security professionals who work under the customer service mindset includes safety patrols and incident management such as student escorts and/or parking enforcement.
  • Use access control solutions to monitor incoming visitors and offer lock-out assistance if and when necessary.

We are one of the few security solution providers with a dedicated team of higher-education support personnel that offers solution design, program management and thought leadership.

No matter what your institution is located or how big or small it is, we know the concerns higher education educators have. We have years of experience offering our campus security services.

Campus Security Service Training For Security Guards

We know that campuses are under enormous pressure to address possible hazards and situations that face the safety and security of the area.

Therefore, we work to ensure the security personnel we send out are compliant or ready for any situation:

  • Personalized online Fire/Life Safety training for residence halls
  • First Aid/CPR/AED and ADA Compliance
  • Emergency Response Planning
  • Active Shooter Preparedness
  • Specialized Offer Training for Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, VAWA and Title IX

Culture Sensitivity Training

Higher education is home to individuals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, religions, etc. We recognize and understand that and use only personnel who are sensitive to the unique campus culture.

BSS will make sure that our campus security professionals are trained to be sensitive to the individual needs of the campus community.

We want them to know that they feel protected when they need it most (and even when they don’t feel it’s needed).

We Can Deliver Safety To Your Campus

We have been protecting higher education campuses for years – from large cities to rural towns. We also support the following:

  • Association of College and University Housing Officers International
  • Historically Black College and Universities Law Enforcement Executive Association
  • International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, Inc.
  • NASPA- Student Affairs Administration in Higher Education
  • National Conference on Law and High Education

Getting A Personalized Campus Security Service

We understand that not all campuses are the same. The security program your campus needs may differ from one in a town close by.

As such, our professionals at Building Security Services will develop a personalized security plan that focuses on the following:

  • Cultures
  • Goals
  • Geographic location
  • Physical layout
  • Student population

We create an approach dedicated to understanding the campus’ needs and ensuring that our security team takes a hands-on approach and uses only the best training we have offered to them.

BSS will craft a security program that helps to protect the institution, its staff and students and provides support to the culture and brand.

Joseph Ferdinando is the visionary founder of Building Security Services, a leading security company renowned for its comprehensive security services. With an illustrious career spanning over 40 years in the security industry, Joseph has been instrumental in elevating the standards of security guard services for a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations. As an influential member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) in both New York and New Jersey chapters, Joseph has played a pivotal role in shaping industry standards and practices.