In 1982, Joseph Ferdinando founded Building Security Services, Inc. (BSS) in Essex County, New Jersey.


Having already run a successful commercial janitorial company, he decided to expand into security.

Beginning with his existing, loyal customer base, he grew his company to provide premium security services in New Jersey and New York.

Today, BSS seamlessly integrates its security services with cutting-edge security systems and information technology services through its sister companies, Building Security Systems and HotHeadTech.Com.

BSS remains a family-run business dedicated to providing exceptional, personalized service to a diverse clientele including:

  • Corporate real-estate properties
  • Commercial real-estate properties
  • Residential properties
  • Shopping centers
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Data centers
  • Distribution centers
  • Educational facilities


Building security is an evolving field, changing and growing as new technologies develop. Consequently, security that was considered standard just a few years ago is not acceptable today.

Our mission at BSS is to deliver cutting-edge security strategy in a cost-effective, professional and personalized manner.