Maintaining the overall integrity of pharmaceutical security can mean the difference between a breach of confidential patient information and retaining customer trust in your brand.

Several factors play a role in exposure to increased points of vulnerability, as well as a decrease in the identification of said vulnerabilities, such as supply chain complexity and increased globalization.

Building Security Services strives to combat the evolving threats surrounding the pharmaceutical industry by implementing comprehensive security solutions catered to your supply chain.

Our security services are built to counter threats such as cargo theft, counterfeiting, diversion, and intentional adulteration, which may arise at any point along a multi-faceted route.

This is an especially substantial threat to any pharmaceutical journey that begins with raw sourced materials and ends with the delivery of finished products to the consumer.

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Pharmaceutical Security To Protect Your Facility & Inventory

As the FDA, DEA, and other various global regulatory bodies continue to scrutinize and increase inspections, there is a great need to comply with industry standards.

The World Health Organization (or WHO), has set international standards, in addition to good distribution standards (GDP), good manufacturing practices (GMP), and good storage practices (GSP).

The pharmaceutical industry has never faced such an astounding need for enforcing and implementing dependable and reliable security procedures.

Building Security Services recognizes the all-encompassing standards required to conduct business within the pharmaceutical industry across the globe.

Differing worldwide cultural, business, and legal standards put a strain on the installation of remote systems while maintaining adherence to corporate guidelines.

Pharmaceutical Security Services Assist In Threats & Vulnerabilities

BSS takes a multi-faceted approach to pharmaceutical security, with various built-in fail-safes, in order to protect from both internal and external threats.

Building Security Services can assist in the direct identification of vulnerabilities, regardless of whether you are a logistics provider, pharmaceutical manufacturer, retailer, or wholesaler.

Preventative measures may then be put in place quickly and securely in order to prevent criminals of any degree and dedication.

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Building Security Services Offers Pharmaceutical Security Solutions

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