Building Security Services understands the high demand required for maintaining security throughout government facilities and the like.

There is a demand for multiple layers of security to achieve a successful security program. This enables government clients to identify threats, reduce threats, and achieve reductions in security services expenditures overall. In turn, this lowers the security management burden placed by division administrators.

By physically providing on-site security services, Building Security Services offers the expertise to proficiently navigate the challenges presented by highly regulated environments with the utmost confidence.

These services include:

  • Responsive Management Structure. Delivering cutting-edge technical expertise alongside best practices as a leader in security guard services
  • Workforce Management Solutions. Taking the guesswork out of the security team’s needs to ensure proactive risk mitigation
  • Trained Armed, Unarmed & Cleared Security Professionals. Individuals fit to serve the needs of your contract, thereby investing in your community

Government Security Services, Solutions & Systems

Providing decades of experience in government agency systems and solutions, Building Security Services’ technology services offers extensive technology capabilities.

By designing, building, installing, integrating, hosting, and managing security solutions, this comprehensive technology suite enables BSS to lower costs. This eliminates the need for multiple security providers, alleviating the burden technology management may present.

Our team offers:

Unrivaled Expertise in Government Facilities Security

Building Security Services has spent decades protecting government-regulated facilities, such as local libraries or larger federal institutions.

Our commitment to protection excellence shows through our extensive experience in the sector of Government Services. Our internal consultant team boasts unique backgrounds throughout government security.

These sufficient individuals are considered the authority of Risk Advisory and Consulting Services, providing many security support layers to prevent and combat threats as they emerge.

  • Digital Forensics
  • Executive & Personal Protection
  • Investigations
  • Litigation Support
  • Workplace Violence Protection

Our Government Security Clients

Recognized as the industry leader by our clients, BSS specializes in providing local, state, and federal government facilities and/or agencies with force protection and access control.

These clients include:

Scope of Work

With a team of highly specialized security professionals, Building Security Services as a whole brings high levels of qualifications to each government contract.

To support skill and performance verification in Government environments, BSS provides customized, configurable training, credentialing, and quality assurance.

Building Security Services officers support each aspect of your security program, with services such as:

Building Security Services provides TWIC credentialed, maritime-trained security professionals, to provide:

  • Screening Cargo
  • Cruise Terminal and Ship Gangway Passenger Screening (magnetometer, wand, and x-ray imaging)
  • Regulated Ports & Facilities and Ports through MTSA
  • Regulatory Compliant Access Control (for maritime facility security plans)

Joseph Ferdinando is the visionary founder of Building Security Services, a leading security company renowned for its comprehensive security services. With an illustrious career spanning over 40 years in the security industry, Joseph has been instrumental in elevating the standards of security guard services for a broad spectrum of businesses and organizations. As an influential member of the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) in both New York and New Jersey chapters, Joseph has played a pivotal role in shaping industry standards and practices.